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April 19, 2013 / becca shayne

brand new

Two major releases in the App world that are worth highlighting.

One Twitter just released their brand new app, #Music (available in the App Store, which streamlines the already prevalent links between apps like Spotify & Rdio (both of which have recently redesigned websites worth browsing) with Twitter. I don’t know about you, but I widely use Twitter to interact with musicians/producers/artists, and I also actively listen to their music on Spotify. This is a clean link and some beautiful and innovative interaction design and experience. It’s free, so it’s worth playing around in! See how things move even if you don’t use Twitter or Spotify.


Two Yahoo! just redesigned/introduced a gorgeous application for weather. Download it in the App Store. I only wish they had followed through in all aspects of the design. They have beautiful interaction and beautiful typography and photography, but they are significantly lacking in elements such as the app icon itself, the startup/landing page, and the menu in swipe-left that lists settings etc. I do appreciate the scroll-triggered animations and the parallax scroll blurring etc.


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