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July 18, 2012 / becca shayne

CS5 don’t be a quitter

This is from 5:38ish PM today, when I was trying for about 40 minutes to save a file so I could make a different version to show my boss before the end of the work day (which, though technically is 5:30, I’ve stayed until 7:30 three days in a row… such is the life at design studios). PS everything worked out, I just made the second art board its own file. I was working on a document someone else started, and it’s all vectors so Illustrator actually didn’t have enough memory to display preview and switched to outline mode! (usually when I start my own files from scratch I try to keep them organized enough to not get that big). (PS the image is dark because the thunder storm made it get dark at 3pm today instead of 8pm)

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