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July 21, 2012 / becca shayne


Since I spent a very long time on Lovely Package (among other sites) yesterday at work (researching a new project!) I thought I’d post some of the gems I found. I saved like 30 favorites, but I won’t bore you with that many :) (maybe. they’re all so nice I might, by the time I finish writing this post, have shared nearly that many) I’m only posting one image of each project, but if you click on it you can go see the rest of the lovely images.


Student work by Bryan Ku, USA

Carre Rouge & Blanc by DesignDepot, Russia

Student work by Heesang Lee, USA

Simply Oil by Glendall Design, UK

Provenance by Jog Limited, UK

Canteen Tequila by Kaleidoscope, USA

Monarchs by Neighborhood Studio, USA

Melt by JJAAKK Design, USA

Celistia by FeedbackMP, Spain

Student work by Karen Liong, USA

That’s enough for now! I’ll post the rest of the bajillion images later :)

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