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April 20, 2012 / becca shayne

what’s your identity?

Another mass post of some cool stationery/identity/branding/etc.


Diechmanske Library. Excellent use of modularity, adaptability, and dynamism in a logo.


Mark Furniture and Lifestyle of Cornwall. I like seeing some process work. Also the variety of finished materials, that still feel like part of one brand.


Robson de Souza, designed by Oliver Munday. An appropriate use of hand-tooled design.


Bang your own drum, designed by The Consult, of the UK. I like the inclusion of the drumstick pencils.


Lucky last name allows for a super easy, great logo. Matthew Hole, also of the UK.


Again with the lucky letters. Excellent nerdy-typographical use of punctuation as letter form suggestion. Well done, Zoe Williams


Nottingham Jazz logo, designed by Glad Creative. Love the action in this one.

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