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April 17, 2012 / becca shayne

camera flag book

Well this just takes flag book to a whole new level! (mostly it’s the outside that I’m admiring. The content is too subjective for me to identify with, but the camera cover is titillating) Thanyaluck “Tanya” Keawkingkeo calls the project Spicing Up My Memories. She’s from Chiang Mai, Thailand (I’ve been there!) and she’s based in San Francisco (I’m from there! we should meet someday). I found her impressive portfolio on Design;Defined. I’m a big fan of tactility and detail in artist books. I am hoping to remake a few of my own when I have time (ha like that’ll ever happen… at least not till after graduation anyway). Enjoy! (plus the project is well photographed, and that makes a huge difference. Presentation is nearly everything, after you have a good project)

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