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April 3, 2013 / becca shayne

wire line drawings

Found this gem on Colossal, since I was browsing it yesterday. I seriously wonder if this guy Roelle went to or taught at RISD, though I can’t find any evidence to support that claim.

From Colossal:

Artist CW Roelle lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island where he creates dense and detailed illustrations using carefully bent wire. While taking a life drawing course in 1997 Roelle was suddenly overcome with the urge to bend the lines he had already committed to paper. That night, and for many nights after, he began to recreate his line drawings with metal wire. You can see much more of his work over on Facebook, and he has some pieces available at 13FOREST.

This guy’s work is beautiful, and it makes me want to draw more, but it also makes me want to buy a spool of wire and bust out the needle nose pliers and try my hand at wire-art. See more on his Flickr.








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