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November 19, 2012 / becca shayne

Christopher Doyle Identity Guidelines

I saw part of this project on exhibit on Governor’s Island in New York this past July. One of the things I find so intriguing (apart from his always-wearing-the-same-face-ness) is the way he was able to use something both personal and mundane as a means of organizing information in a relatable and interesting way. My friend had the comment, “I wonder why he didn’t include the peaking chest hair in the v-neck as a part of the color palette.” Personally, I’m pretty okay with the fact that he didn’t. He describes the project in his introduction:

My name is Christopher Doyle. These are my Identity Guidelines.
As is the case with all identities, care must be taken with my
appearance and tone to ensure my core values and visual integrity
are maintained.
This is a guide to how I should look, feel and sound as a person;
a guide that should serve as an aid for myself and for those around
me in ensuring my identity remains clear, consistent and correct.
It should be noted that these guidelines are intended as just that,
a guide. While all elements of my identity system have been
designed to ensure consistency, allowances for variation have also
been made. If followed, these guidelines will help my identity to
evolve and feel fresh at every touchpoint.

(you can view the full pdf here, learn more about Christopher Doyle, who is currently the Design Director at Interbrand in Sydney, Australia)

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