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January 8, 2013 / becca shayne

a new kind of ipsum

Tired of using the glorious Lorem Ipsum for all your greek text purposes? (PS, most designers know, it’s best to begin the real design only when you have final copy, or you’ll have to redesign a lot of it to make accommodations for the actual text.)

My coworker, Dan, sent me this one, and it’s quite entertaining. And of course the UI is clean and simple. It reminds me a lot of the Artist Statement Generator I posted a while back, except it serves a different purpose.

Riker Ipsum, a sentence generator by Jessica Allen.

Update. I just found out from Dan: “They’re all quotes from commander riker from star trek the next generation.” Apparently I never watched Star Trek so I didn’t know this… That explains the stars in the header text!

Captain, why are we out here chasing comets? Your shields were failing, sir.


Then there’s the Snoop Dogg style greek text generator, which my friend Josh sent me, if you feel like you want a gangsta touch to your space-filler.

Mashable says Billing itself as “the gangsta lorem ipsum generator,” this site is the delight of our developer/design backchannel today. It generates an “-izzle” and “yo mama”-spiked version of standard Lorem Ipsum text, and a different version is generated each time you refresh the page.

I mean, we all know that Lorem Ipsum is the best because it actually generates normal looking text with a variety in length of words and ascenders and descenders and sentence lengths, but, I mean, if you’re bored.


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  1. f4mmedia / Jan 9 2013 12:06 AM

    lorem ipsum is supposedly Latin rather than Greek

    • becca shayne / Jan 9 2013 12:19 AM

      I know it’s mostly Latin, but colloquially, the phrase for “filler text” is “Greek text” even though it is not in Greek :)

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