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September 18, 2012 / becca shayne

mac junkie 2.0

This post needed an update:

For those of you who are mac-junkie semi hackers semi OCD designers like I am:

Look at my beautiful desktop, then learn how to be as OCD as I am! (upgraded to 10.8 from 10.6.8 – big jump!)

If you want to modify read-only icons and customize your dock keep reading :)

You can find some icons here and some more (these are better) at this site.

To implement the Application icons go here for instructions. (Open the finder as a root and modify icons Apple says you can’t change, like ugly text edit and fontbook icons).

For things like Chrome or Firefox or Spotify that you installed (aka not read only) you can just modify those without opening the finder as a root. To modify any icon, (whether or not in finder-root mode) copy the image of the new icon, get info on the app you’re trying to change, select the icon (in the get info window) and hit command-V to paste the new one. Easy peasy.

To get Dock spacers like I have (invisible icons, technically), follow these instructions.

See my Bartender post here if you’re interested in getting rid of all the little icons in your start bar. That nifty little cloud at the top is Himmelbar which lets you access apps without opening the finder (it’s a dropdown menu), so your dock can be cleaner.

Download the Liteicon App to implement new icons for finder, folders, trashcan, system preferences etc (so that when you make a new folder, it will always be what you want it to be.) I like Alumi best.

Also, for those of you who lost where to do tap to click drag lock when you left Snow Leopard behind, you can get that back by following these instructions. (it’s in accessibility now not trackpad)

And one last thing: If you hate that new leather look that is ical and contacts, change it back to brushed chrome skin with these instructions.

Here’s an article with 25 great apps for mac to make your productivity life easier (back in Snow Leopard days, so some may or may not work on Mountain Lion but most of them should work).

Happy Hacking folks!


macjunkie becca

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