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August 19, 2012 / becca shayne

typographic sphere

This project is so beautiful. It’s a really fascinating idea and I can’t wait to see the rest of his proposed project! Typographic Sphere by Eric Calderon, Sweden. He describes his project:
My first artist’s book.
A book as an artwork, an artwork as a book.
The brief stated that we should shape our artistic vision in the form of an artwork. This piece of art should have its origin in the book. Inspired by the arts and craft movement as well as the Bauhaus functionalism, I created my own kind of art tool. The painter has his brush, the carpenter his hammer, I have my typographic ball. This piece is the start of a much bigger project where I will build a series of typographic spheres, and use these to make books with unique prints.

The use of self-created or unconventional tools in design is a practice that ought to appear more often. The tool itself can sometimes be more interesting than the art it makes! And using unconventional tools can often create really unexpected, unique, and satisfying results. I encourage every designer to try something tactile. Get off the computer and go make things for an hour or two. I bet you’ll feel better.

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