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July 30, 2012 / becca shayne

the fifth seal by kinwah tsang

Okay, so the content for me is a bit creepy/religious, but visually, it’s really quite surreal. You can watch the video, complete with eery music, and see the way the type moves on the walls. This was an exhibit in January, 2012, in the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. The type is really cool, and the exhibit is beautiful, I just don’t like religious stuff much. mostly because I just plain don’t get it.

To quote the article on design boom, “Chinese contemporary artist tsang kin-wah is working on an ongoing project called ‘the seven seals.’ the series of seven digital video installations uses texts and computer technology to project tsang’s thoughts on various issues of the day. the body of work first began in 2009, and draws references from a variety of sources including the bible, judeo-christian eschatology, existentialism, metaphysics, politics etc., which attempt to articulate the complex situation of the world and the dilemmas that people are facing.” (the article is averse to capitalization apparently)

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