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July 12, 2012 / becca shayne

my new footwear

I know, I know, they’re not that minimal, but actually, it’s just a fluke I ended up with red shoes. I’ve had my New Balance running shoes since September 2004 and I still wear them and I basically decided I need new ones. The guy at Arch Rival folded them all the way up to prove to me that the soles were worn out.

I wanted something that was a solid color, but he basically told me I wasn’t allowed to choose based on what it looks like (the way I do in most other fields of my life haha) and that he only had two super narrow, supportive shoes that were appropriate for me and come in my size, so I picked these (because he said they fit better than the other ones I tried on, pictured below too). Obviously I would prefer they were a little less busy, but I still hope they make me feel badass and want to exercise :P

Below are both shoes, one on each foot, but the ones on my left were too wide for my foot.

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