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July 10, 2012 / becca shayne

Uncredible Uncrate

I absolutely love this blog. Granted, I am not the target audience, being a 22 year old chick, and this is totally directed at 18-40ish year old dudes, but still. I love this site! It’s basically “The digital magazine for guys who love stuff.” You don’t have to be a designer to like it, but it sure does help! (It reminds me a lot of Better Living Through Design) Also, the writers are very witty, which makes it fun to read (and also tells you more about what the hell that thing in the picture does than I’m telling you so click on the pictures to read what they have to say).

I’ve been meaning to post about Uncrate for a couple weeks, so naturally I have like fifty tabs open of stuff I want to post from them. Here are just a few :) Hope you enjoy!

Items aren’t in any hierarchy or order, per say. And this is a semi-wishlist-semi-that’s-cool-but-I-don’t-need-it list :) They’ve got links in every post to tell you where to buy the items so click on the images to go to their site.


Item one: Cube Tube
A clever contraption that prevents spillage in the freezer, and makes getting one cube at a time waaay easier.

Item two: Symbol Record Console
Well this is just gorgeous! Price is still TBA, according to Uncrate, but when I have my own place to put this in, I want one!! Records, CDs, USB/iPod/iWhatever. love!

Item three: Rip Cord Tape
As my friend Jason said when he sent this to me, this totally falls under the “Why didn’t I think of that?” category! Brilliant idea that would save us all a lot of trouble!

Item four: Hone
My mom has one that you whistle into your purse until the thing beeps, but having an app on your phone seems more effective. Now they just need it to pair with the Find My iPhone app so it works in reverse!

Item five: Sonos Sub
We (in the house I grew up in, not in the college-budget-house) have a Sonos system that I love! We hardly use the controller anymore (several years old) because, since they developed an app for mac/pc and iOS (mobile duh!), you can just control it from any room in the house. It applies services you subscribe to like Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, iheartradio etc, and you can store playlists/queues etc. We don’t actually use any of the speakers, just the receiver, but apparently now they have a subwoofer, which is great! Plus the products’ industrial design is beautifully minimal. Click the image to learn more!

Item six: Jawbone Jambox
My friends have one of the little ones (in red) that they were given as a gift!! jeallllllous! they’re expensive, but they sound damn good! (and I think it’s showerproof too!) Bluetooth links with iPhone etc. I can only imagine how good the big one must sound (in the picture).

Item seven: Recycled Record Guitar Picks
In my opinion this is a much better use of recycled records than those sorta-cool-but-mostly-really-ugly-matches-with-nothing-recycled-record-from-a-band-you’ve-never-heard-of-bowls-for-chips-your-uncle-gave-you-because-he-knows-you-like-music-apparently. I mean, I play acoustic guitar, so mostly I prefer my fingers instead of picks, but these are still great.

Item eight: Sensu Brush
I don’t actually have any iPad apps for drawing because I like the tactility (also I don’t pay for apps because there are so many free ones! There have been a few exceptions though). This is cool though. I’m a mouse designer not a tablet designer though, so I don’t really have any opinions about using a tool instead of a mouse to draw. I also have no idea if this pairs with Wacom tablets or not. Click the picture and go read Uncrate, they might know.

Item nine: Stake 3-in-1 BBQ tool
I’m guessing it’s a play on words of steak, and not a spelling error :) Nifty little tool. Super macho. Hopefully useful, though I can see needing a spatula in one hand and a fork in the other, so I don’t know if it’s a replace-all-tools-kinda-tool. That steak looks so good!

Item ten: Salt Made From Tears
Um sure. I think you just mean those are the “flavors” but I doubt you have people crying and evaporating…. yeah okay. But the package design is nice! Super weird concept though :P

Item eleven: Pantone Rubik’s Cube
This isn’t an individual post from Uncrate, this is from one of their style guides. But it caught my eye so I clicked one of the links at the bottom. I already have a normal Rubik’s and a Sudoku Rubik’s (that I am neeevver moving because I’ll never get it back to normal!) Maybe I should add this to my ridiculous collection. I don’t understand how designers are minimalists, but collectors. Doesn’t “collector” mean “packrat?” Also, I’m not supposed to be collecting things until I have a semipermanent living situation, not just here for a few months and then there… Well it’s a semi-wishlist until I have the funds and storage for all the crap I sorta want :) Pantone Rubik’s cube designed by Ignacio Pilotto.


That’s all for now! If you’re a dude who likes stuff go check it out :) And if you’re a chick like me who also likes stuff, you might still like it! Hope you guys don’t mind these super long posts! Let me know if I’m writing more than you want to read and I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm. maybe…

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