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May 22, 2012 / becca shayne

If my life had titles…

Then this one would be Chapter four: Day 89, The Final Stretch. We’re in for the long haul folks! I’ve got no less than five boxes of Epson and Red River paper on my desk, in varying weights and sizes (premium, ultra premium, regular, double sided, Letter 8.5×11, Tabloid 11×17, SuperB 13×19, A3 etc). The floor is littered with trimmings, the trash bin is overstuffed with paper scraps, I’ve replaced three of my six ink cartridges in the last 4 hours, with an extra set on standby, I’ve spent about $130 so far in the last 2 days between new ink, paper, and plotting (large format printer), and my workspace is a total mess!

Take note: two different olfa knives, and a gripster x-acto knife. Two bone folders, one for scoring and one for folding, three rulers under the monitor, the aforementioned double sided tape I bought a few days ago, that white thing behind it is PVA glue (which I used to make my first ever perfect-bound book today, thanks to the help of Steph, and that’s under clamps at the end of my desk under all the stacks of paper boxes.) and scissors. I need all of these why? That’s black tea in that mug by the way. I already had coffee five hours ago… and in the corner, a snippet of the checklist I showed you guys yesterday. My friend Amanda states adamantly that this is not a messy workspace, but I have to say, our 7th floor Graphic Design studio is usually pretty neat, but everyone’s desks are cluttered slobs this week, mine included. (oh ps for those of you who care, I’m listening to Tritonal and Above & Beyond on the iTunes screen over there) and that’s a letter from Gaby woo! (taped behind my laptop)

Gonna try to finish designing everything today so I can print tomorrow and practice my presentation and arrange all the work on big boards. I have to admit I’ll kind of miss this workspace and all my studio mates when it’s all over.

— correction, this is the 90th day of my 8th semester at RISD, not the 89th

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