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May 16, 2012 / becca shayne

site updated – new projects

I just added a few new projects to my website. One of them includes the Flash music game I made last year at Elisava. My teacher didn’t speak a word of English, (Catalan native, who conversed with me in Spanish) so when I was embedding them in my site, I was mentally pronouncing iframe as ee frame ha. Anyway I had fun illustrating that one and a bit less fun manually writing all of the actionscript to animate it, but there you go. Go click around. Mind you it was my first ever (and nearly last) flash animation, so cut me some slack :P

The other new projects are the Course Announcement cover and an assignment for my information design class. The teacher, age 75, decided we should design a set of screen-based instructions to explain one function on a mobile phone. I tell you how to fix a typo in a text message of an iPhone. Useful…. I guess?

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