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May 6, 2012 / becca shayne

Lovely bottles

For your daily dose of Lovely Package, a few pretty bottles. For those of you not celebrating three weeks of final exams and projects, I hope you had an excellent drinko de mayo last night. I got to studio at 7:30 this morning. On a Sunday. It’s crunch time. So no drinko till the endo. Sorry bad pun (I’m actually fluent in Spanish, I know that adding an O to the end of everything is stupid-american-talk :P ) Graduation is in 28 days!! (which means only 18 days left to finish everything…)
Bocanegra designed by Manifiesto Futura of Mexico.

Titanic Irish Whiskey designed by Adam Crane of Ireland.

Aqua Monaco designed by Schmidt/Thurner/von Keisenberg of Germany.

Alliatavini Wines designed by Marco Colognola of Italy.

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