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April 25, 2012 / becca shayne

makin’ boxes

Nothing quite so satisfying as having to invent a dieline, suffering the frustration of discovering it doesn’t work, which you can’t know until you’ve measured, cut, and assembling it, then trying again with a few minor adjustments and having it work nearly perfectly (still in need of adjustments on the fastenings). It’s an incredibly tedious process but I love it. Sends me back to this time last year in Packaging (pronounce in Spanish/Catalán) with profesor Josep M. Garrofé (who has a cool book on Antique Cardboard Packaging, which I own). Anyway, that class was a lot of “see this 3D object? what’s the flat plan of it look like.” or “See this flat dieline? What would it look like assembled?” It was super hard because I think in 2D mostly, not 3D. But it came in handy! Also the teacher doesn’t speak English. He preferred to conduct the class in Catalán, though he would confer with me in Spanish about the specifics of a project. I’m just trying to make a simple banker’s box for this though. It’s not pretty yet. It will be.


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