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March 27, 2012 / becca shayne

Novel Ideas

I guess I should explain (based on reactions from the Muji Post) that sometimes I post things that I like, as inspiration for things that I could do, not as suggestions of things you should buy exactly that brand and spend lots of money on something you could (a) make yourself, or (b) find somewhere cheaper. Some things, like Apple and Braun, I won’t compromise, I’d rather have the original. The design perfection is the whole point. Other things, like silly notebooks, or organizational stuff, is something you could find cheaply and modify it to make it awesome (unless the original is something you absolutely love). Anyway, this post is a whole bunch of cool stuff, some of it pointless, some well-designed, some pretty, some useful, and some just whatevers. They’re just things I like, that I thought I’d share. Better Living Through Design is full of this kind of stuff (useful or useless but cool) so go ahead and poke around. Odds are I’ll never buy any of it, but it’s up there in the brain storage of funky ideas :)

^ Know it all pencils

^ alphabetical paper clips

^ full set of scrabble mugs (scores inside)

^ modern art tea towel

^ concrete desk accessories

^ watch post-its

^ antique book tape

^ penguin books postcard set

^ mini speaker

^ wooden desk accessory set

^ animal wine stoppers

^ video notebooks

and a silly joke :) the crumple maps caption reads: "What? You’re still doing your holiday shopping? Check your local bookstores for these maps, because they are genius. Instead of endlessly folding/refolding, you just crumple up this map and throw it in your bag or pocket. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof and includes streets, monuments, museums, art galleries and much more (as in, 10 “SoulSights” to excite you)."

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