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February 24, 2012 / becca shayne

design collective sites

I know there are a BAJILLION sites about packaging out there. These are the ones I frequent. I want to start by saying I am only including sites in this list that are curated blogs, not individual studios. I don’t only look at packaging sites, but I don’t want to overwhelm you so I won’t mention any other categories in this post.

The Lovely Package is very well curated, and nicely categorized. The interface is clean, and most of the work is very good. I like that they show the country of origin. It’s my favorite blog, though I wouldn’t really call it a blog. I enjoy going through this one the most out of all the sites I visit.

The Dieline is not as clean of an interface as Lovely Package, but still shows separate categories. It has a nice mix of student work and actual package products.

Oh Beautiful Beer is exclusively beer. Most of it is in production, but a few of them are student projects.

Packaging of the World starts you off in thumbnail view, not reading like an article as easily as Lovely Package, but it sorts very well based on where the product was designed. It’s nicely diverse.

Packaging UQAM is a blog I just discovered recently, but I think the guy does a good job of picking things that nicely represent the best of what package design can be. It’s in French but he does his best to write a translation.

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