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February 10, 2012 / becca shayne

Comic Sans Project

To update from McSweeney’s I’m Comic Sans Asshole article I posted a few months ago, and to continue with Your Logo Makes Me Barf tag of Comic Sans, which has pictures of real people’s real logos that really truly used Comic Sans (see two of them below). Now we have some rebel children out there who decided to reverse engineer existing and decent logos into Comic Sans! It’s actually pretty funny. I’ve also included this wonderful “lost dog” type of telephone-pole poster. Anyway, go look through Comic Sans Project to see the newly minted barfy logos :) And click on the other links too. All of the writing accompanying these images is funny. And well written. (was that enough comic sans for you?) Oh, and Ban Comic Sans has an angry retort to Comic Sans Project, which you can read here.

Turkey Creek Alpaca and Dinosaur Farm

Comic Sans is TOTALLY Professional

This is from McSweeney. Click the link in the text to go read the rest.

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