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February 1, 2012 / becca shayne


Okay, it took some poking around, but I finally tracked down the real designers of this beautiful 5x7m (sorry, I don’t know what that means in American, I just know it’s big) composition of Photoshop — As Real As It Gets. Originally created by Bates 141 as an advertisement created for Jakarta-based software distributor, Software Asli, announcing the availability of Photoshop CS4 (yo old news people! When do we get CS6?). You can find a desktop size of the image here.

Even cooler! Here are the Flickr photos of the making of! Worth a look, it’s a lot bigger than I thought!

Very clever, very cool! And worthy of being on Things Organized Neatly, though I like them a little less since they never published my Collection. Still, this is wonderful!

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