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December 20, 2012 / becca shayne


This beautiful OBERHÄUSER KALENDER 2013 (I don’t speak or read German), is designed by Ben Hammer [UPDATE: he tweeted me back to say: “thx for the tweet and the backlink but this work was not done by me :) it is the work of Martin Oberhäuser“] for the year 2013. (unless you believe the Mayan calendar myth and the world ends tomorrow?). The typographic elements and the circular motion are beautiful. I love the way he indicates when the weekends are, and the way the movement of the circle happens based on the day of the week the month begins. And the simple, clean chart at the bottom as a quicker way to find the specific date. This is beautiful. It really makes me want to design a calendar. Nice work Ben, it’s gorgeous. There are more pictures on his site.





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