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December 19, 2012 / becca shayne


This beautiful set of handmade, cardboard+Sharpie musical hardware was created by Ewan Leckie for Soma Records. The project was photographed by Ross Lennox. You can see more amazing pictures of the whole project and process on Behance.

I always admire people who take the time to make something tactile and physical for the purpose of digital or print design. When you make something with your hands, it has this visceral quality that you can’t get from working exclusively in the computer. This type of work isn’t appropriate for every medium, but in the case of an edgy record company, it works quite well. It makes me want to get out my olfa knife and some paper and glue and make things!


In their own words:

The BeatBox: Soma 2010 Compilation
7 objects were built, each representing an iconic piece of musical equipment from their era. The project starts with a Reel to reel machine from the 70s and moves on to a Ghetto Blaster with tape, 12″ Record and Technics Dex. Right up to a MP3 player (00s).

The concept: was to take a trip and explore musical hardware from pop history, all cutting edge pieces of equipment in their time. Although now! a little dated. This low tech equipment inspired the world of cardboard boxes and hand-drawn lines that dose not take its
self to seriously. Using materials like cardboard to represent the highly digital technology associated with Soma Records gave a tangible feel to their music. The plan is to stirrup a sense of nostalgia within the albums pages. Back up the fact that the label has been running for over 20 years and show how they have all been very ineffectual in pioneering underground dance music.







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