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July 26, 2012 / becca shayne

if you missed Coldharbour Day 2012…

Or if you just want to hear it again, you can stream or download all of the sets off of Soundcloud or the other link below! Thank you Markus Schulz and everyone who played #CLHRday for providing these! I just downloaded sets from Markus Schulz, Wellenrausch, Nifra, Skytech, Omnia, Darren McNally, Basil O’Glue, and Grube & Hovsepian (but there are tons of good ones! This went on for like 24 hours remember?).

Links and tracklists. Also, the link I provided before has been updated with tracklists for each set if you just want individual songs you loved and need to look them up on itunes/spotify/youtube/etc.

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