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April 15, 2012 / becca shayne

super packaging post

So remember how I told you guys I’ve been looking at tons of branding/identity/packaging lately as inspiration for my degree project? Well I bookmarked my favorites. This one will be the packaging post (or at least part one). Click on each image to follow it to the source and see more pics. I can’t really put more than one picture per project or the page would scroll forever. Hope you like these :) There’s quite a variety of types of packaging, ranging from minimal to detailed, innovative shapes, and overall nice design.

Strong | Designed by Sunnydesign | Country: China

El Gaucho | Designed by Blend-it Design | Country: Israel

Via XX Settembre | Designed by Cloud Inc | Country: Australia

La Sirena | Designed by Marnich & Associates | Country: Spain

Good Co. | Designed by Landor | Country: Australia

Metrio Coffee | Designed by Robinson Cravents | Country: Colombia

Proper BBQ | Designed by Tom Hayes | Country: United States

Courthouse Brewery | Designed by Timothy Batterham | Country: Australia

Original 16 | Designed by St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc. | Country: Canada

Morse Code | Designed by Parallax Design | Country: Australia

A Blind Taste | Designed by Hope Family Wines | Country: United States

Manaresi Winery | Designed by Mirit Wissotzky | Country: Israel

La Vallée des Rois | Designed by Neumeister | Country: Sweden

Chiefs Energizing Face Wash | Designed by Tim Boelaars | Country: The Netherlands

Crocodile Boxes | Designed by Lowe Brindfors | Country: Sweden

Panasonic Note | Designed by Scholz & Friends | Country: Germany

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