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March 16, 2012 / becca shayne

Dual Cut

A brilliant piece of furniture designed by Kitmen Keung, originally from Hong Kong, and based in Canada. Dual Cut is produced in collaboration with Sixinch, a Belgian furniture company. Quoted at Minimalissimo, Keung describes the project:

Dual Cut was designed with a dedication to Sixinch’s urethane cut technology, which is processed by data without the need of molding. It was an experiment to minimise the production process and material wastage, and more importantly to maximise its function values and flexibility in real life.

I love the simplicity of this piece, and the repurpose-able format. It’s really quite a flexible and versatile set of furniture! I’m just curious to know how comfortable it would be… (Hey though, Fashion over Comfort! That’s what they say right?)

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