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March 7, 2012 / becca shayne

Pantone Wishlist Part 2

Well, so far I’ve only checked one thing off my list, and that is that I now officially own the Pantone Universe 226 (Pink) iPhone 4S case. It’s the only thing in my college budget :P When I have a salary and a neat minimal organized perfect apartment in either NYC or San Francisco, I will also own the following items.

These gorgeous metal storage boxes are available at the Pantone online store, and also at Dick Blick and also Uncommon Goods, to name a few. To quote Dick Blick’s site, Pantone multi-use metal boxes are the perfect union of necessity and design, measuring 4″ × 12″ × 9″ (10 cm × 30 cm × 23 cm).

Also, the mugs, which are $90 for a set of a color theme, so if you want more than one genre of color you have to shell out the dough! But they are so gorgeous. They come in espresso size too! (I need an espresso machine first though) Well, I think you can get a set of 10 mugs at Uncommon Goods for $110 that aren’t all in the same family of color, but you don’t get to pick which colors. Individually, they’re like 15 bucks each.

Then there is the Pantone Pepper Mill, which I think was a limited addition, because I haven’t yet found where to buy them :(

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