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February 7, 2012 / becca shayne

Gravity Clock

Okay I normally do not pay for apps because there are a bajillion free ones, but this is $0.99 (0.79€), totally worth it guys! I’ve wasted so much glorious time staring at my phone! It’s incredible! I want a Mac app as a screensaver or background, but as of right now it’s just an app for iPhone and iPad and I think there is probably a version for all you people with non Apple (aka ugly) phones out there (I know, I’m so nice right?). Jörg Piringer has programmed this beautiful app called Gravity Clock, and you can read more about it or get it here. These are my screenshots, but there are more of them posted on the site. And you can drool over the video they made. It also works with Twitter, but who uses that anyway?

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