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September 30, 2012 / becca shayne

A graphic designer’s worst nightmare

This tweet was an exercise in how-many-hashtags-can-I-put-into-one-post. I thought you all would appreciate the content. I was up in St. Helena today visiting two of my very good friends. We went to Allegria restaurant, which was great, but, I could hardly stand to read the menu. All-caps papyrus titles with Bodoni-look-alike serif descriptions (I like bodoni, but it’s better for display text). It took all my self control not to take a picture of the menu too. I’m trying (and failing) to be less of a design snob. (I’m not trying that hard…) One of my friends tweeted back “Obviously I liked your picture because of your comment not because of the content.” clearly. papyrus is a crime against humanity.

@beccashayne #graphicdesigner #worstnightmare #comicsans and #papyrus in the same restaurant #shootmenow


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  1. Jotham Polashek / Dec 1 2012 11:12 AM

    Was the restaurant good?

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