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July 10, 2012 / becca shayne


No, this isn’t about alcohol, sorry! It’s a Mac app that hides all that crap like dropbox from your menu bar! (It only hides, individually at least, the ones you downloaded, not the ones that are actual Apple programs, which you would hide in the system preferences one at a time, or all at once with Bartender, like I have. You just click on the Bartender icon and all that stuff shows up again for a few seconds) Thanks Jack!

So now my beautiful desktop looks like this instead of this.

Also, here’s Fuzzy Clock which displays the time as “Wed, quarter past two” instead of “Wed Jul 11 2:15 PM” which is kinda fun. And if you hover, it shows you the full date and 24h time. Then you can just keep that outside of Bartender, and put everything else in it! nice and clean.

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