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June 25, 2012 / becca shayne

four eyes house

I want to start off by saying you guys have been incredibly patient! I’ve been scrambling to find an apartment in NY for the duration of my internship (no easy feat) and I’ve been really too busy to post anything. I’m pretty sure within the next two weeks or so I’ll get back on a normal schedule.

This house is awesome (though I would prefer to live in a city to an empty desert). It’s called Four Eyes House, designed by Edward Ogosta Architecture. It’s in Coachella Valley, California, (near LA). It’s called four eyes because of the “four towers dedicated for sleeping are oriented towards spatiotemporal experiences including the morning sunrise in the east, southern mountain range, evening city lights to the west and the celestial sky overhead.” Published, appropriately, on The Modernist UK.

More posts soon I promise! (I’m editing the pictures from my finished degree project finally)

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  1. f4mmedia / Jun 25 2012 7:25 PM

    looks good, also my best wishes for all of your endeavours you have kept us truly feasting with your posts, new freebies coming on my blog, a new e-book coming soon and a new music video out but they are other matters

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