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April 15, 2012 / becca shayne

better branding

I’ve been looking at cohesive branding systems, or clever identity tweaks or whatever, just interesting stuff. Mostly Design;Defined has really great identity and branding sections, with some overlap. I also like their “friends” section, which is a list of other great websites about design (top left of every page). Here are some of the pieces I pulled as part of my “collect inspiration to show during crit” folder. I’ll post some more soon, but now I actually have to get some work done :)

Designed by the Bravo Company, based in Singapore. I really like this project because of the dynamism of their logo, which is, albeit, a bit complicated/detailed, but the application in the unusual business card is very clever. They also designed the Five and Dime project, which has some really nice typography. See more


Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin, based in Quebec. See more pictures of l’Usine.

Alexandra Mendes, based in Portugal, neat project Shift. I don’t know why, I just like this one. Maybe it’s the monospace type and the simplicity.


Pedro Miguel Lopes, based in my favorite Barcelona, Spain, has some pretty neat work. See more of this nice modular book design here.


David Espinosa, based in Bucaramanga, Colombia, project Mago.

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