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January 26, 2012 / becca shayne

maybe more relevant stereotypes

To be fair, to those not from the Bay Area, here is a really cool mapping information project actually. Alpha Designer Strange Maps — “Mapping Stereotypes.” It’s a different and humorous approach to information graphics, as well as being a(n), albeit exaggerated, look into people’s opinions. PS there aren’t just “The (blank) according to Americans,” there are “The (blank) according to (blank)s” too, (aka other genres of people/locations/whatevers.) Go check it out and see a few more images. PPS you can make the images bigger on the link above, AND this is a calendar! so you can buy it! Oh and since there are 2 calendars, that means 24 maps, not just the 4 shown below! Go take a look!

(oh one more PS, just because I am American, does not mean that I am in any way as prejudiced as these generalizations. It’s good to laugh at yourself too. Also, I’m not American, I’m Californian and Proud of It Baby! I once sat through a dinner in Europe with their conversation centered around ‘how fat and loud all Americans are!’ where here I was, tiny, quietly and meekly eating an undressed salad and water, trying not to point out the irony while they ate potatoes with cheese, mayonnaise, and bread and soda. Also, to be fair (again), I love the people that I have met during my travels; these two people were an exception to the tolerable human rule, nationality aside. We’ve all met some of them, and actually most of the ones I know are American. Also, there are only about three people in the whole world who I actually consider to be intolerable. I like most people, generally. Okay longwinded. So generalizing maps are meant to be humorous not hurtful! Enjoy!)

Then as two last little funny things:

This New Yorker image by Steinberg: (beautifully drawn!)

and this funny map (poorly drawn)

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