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January 19, 2012 / becca shayne

and you thought you were bad at drawing…

Well if you are feeling a little down on your own design skills at the moment, please oh please find somewhere where it is appropriate to laugh out loud. Because you will. And go to my favorite website: (yes that says what you think it does). I’ve posted a few here, to give you a taste, but mostly what makes these so funny is the text that YLMMB writes to accompany the images, so please click the pictures and go read the text! (if you didn’t laugh you must be from a different planet or something, or not a designer, because this sh*t is FUNNY!

Also, may I remind you that these are real logos. Yes, real. As in they exist somewhere. I know, it makes me cry too. But it also reminds me that we, the educated designers, will always have jobs!

Hand Job Nails and Spa. Name Fail AND Papyrus. YES!

House of Misshapen Pets. I mean come ON!

Yin Yangs Never Solved Anything

Full Service Dental

IDKWTF. Seriously. WTF?

Bedazzzzled: don't ya just LOVE the Papyrus Z they threw in there?

An Economical Use of the Letter O: please oh please read the description on this one. Haha house of LURDS!

We Will Jam Our Marketing In Your Eye

Graphic Garts: now this is just sad.

and my personal favorite, The Ten Commandments of Barfy Logos. Please Read! The best thing EVER!


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  1. RichTavee / Jan 22 2012 12:05 PM

    these logos made me chuckle :) LMAO to “Hand Job nails and spa”. Papyrus font…really?

    • beccashayne / Jan 22 2012 1:10 PM

      I’m glad! That’s why I posted them. My favorite part of their site is the writing though, the pictures wouldn’t be as funny without it.

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